Matt Velez Wiffleball League
Wheeling, West Virginia
Team format
Restricted pitch

Mid-Michigan Wiffleball Assiciation
Essexville, Michigan
Team format
Fast pitch

Hastings Major Wiffleball League
East Bridgewater, Mass.
Player format
Fast pitch

The Fat Bastard Wiffleball Tournament
Greater Grand Rapids Area, Michigan
Tournament format
Restricted pitch

Great Lakes Wiffleball League
Midland, Michigan
Team (?) format
Restricted pitch

Todd Morrison.com
On location
Not wiffle ball related

Windy City Thunder
Chicagoland Area
Team format
Fast pitch

Chico, California
Team format
Fast pitch

Our boys in the Mountain State.  The MVWL and MLY continue to have one of the biggest rivalries in the little game of wiffle ball.

The other half of the old "Big Two" connection. We play wiffleball, they live it. Lots of cool pics, video, and did someone say radio broadcasts? Also, Al has some of the nicest fields I've ever seen. Look it over.

We played these guys one time and one time only in 2002.  Like us, they continue to play, but in less frequency.  Their site always looks great, and why shouldn't it? Their Commish is a web designer.

If you're not in it to be drunk, don't be sorry, sweetie, just don't come.  This tournament is a once-a-year event capped by lots of elegant beers and homeruns.  And yes, Dave does look like Joshua Homme, it's not just you. 

These guys used to be a legitimate force, but have fallen off in recent years.  "Welcome to life support."  I think I've heard that one used a million times to describe an abeyant league.

This kid is depressed a lot.  However, his loss can be your gain...in laughs. This site further proves my theory that people from that part of the country have an ability for story-telling we in the mid-west can't touch. A+.

We don't know much about these guys except we played them once at Al's tournament a few years ago.  They do host a very large tournament in the Land of Lincoln each year.  Hit the link, do your homework, and go take your licks.

This site should be called "Desperate Web Designers."  Their league has more or less dissapeared so now they just rate other people's web pages to give their page a reason to exist.  Links on their site include: Link reviews, Exstinsive reviews, and a page for the reviewers.  Since we know our site sucks, and you know your site sucks, why go to theirs?

Links are brought to you by "Chris Mitchell Sausage Links," the only sausage like his legs.